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2toDrive driving lesson at Rijschool A10

16.5 years old and already starting driving lessons? That's possible! At Rijschool A10 you can already drive from the age of 16,5 years and with 17 years you can already have your driver's license in your pocket. Once you have obtained your driving licence at the age of seventeen, it is possible to drive on the road under the supervision of a guide of your choice.

Some facts are listed below. 

  • From the moment you're 16 years old, you can do theory exams;

  • From the moment you're 16.5 years old, you can drive with us;

  • From the moment you're 17, you can get your driver's license;

  • From the moment you're 18, you can drive on your own.

For more information, Rijschool A10 would like to refer you to 2toDrive.


Rijschool A10 has an advantageous and clear tariff structure. For example, every driving lesson with us takes 60 minutes instead of 50! For affordable driving lessons you are at the right address at A10. You can come straight to us for a trial lesson that is free of charge if you take a package with us. These packages can be booked with the instructor after the trial lesson. If something remains unclear to you, you can contact us at any time. Rijschool A10 is at your service. Spread payments are possible. Below you can see the prices of a package.

Very Fast Learner
  • 20 Lessons
  • Driving exam
  • Permanent instructor
  • No waiting queue
Fast Learner
  • 30 Lessons
  • Driving exam
  • Permanent instructor
  • No waiting queue
Modal Learner
  • 40 lessen
  • Driving exam
  • Permanent instructor
  • No waiting queue
7-Days Intensive Training
  • Onbeperkt lessen
  • Binnen 7 dagen rijbewijs
  • Driving exam
  • Permanent instructor
  • No waiting queue
  • Very high success rate

Trial Lesson

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*De proefles t.w.v. €50 is gratis indien je rijpakket afsluit. Dan krijg je het als vermindering in je pakket.

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